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Upon hearing Vicky Tilson's debut album it struck me that she's just more than just a great bass player but also a composer to look out for in the near future. Her compositions give you the feeling of an elder statesman composer, or woman in her case. Having performed with her on a number of occasions over the past four years, I've been able to see her mature into the complete musician/composer she is today. So keep your eyes and ears open and welcome Vicky Tilson to the world jazz stage.

Tony Kofi - saxophonist


(Mojo Risin') This is a crackling listen – buy it!

Hugh C. - Bebop Spoken Here


(Mojo Risin') The joy throughout is the way this band mixes up the moods, one minute edgy, the next serene, one minute rocking or funky, the next thoroughly jazzy.

Peter Bacon - The Jazz Breakfast


“Mojo Risin’” represents an impressive statement of intent from Tilson. The music is assertive and tightly focussed with some memorable hooks and riffs and the playing by all four musicians is excellent throughout. The album may be a bit too “rock” for some jazz purists and a little short on light and shade but fans of Partisans and other contemporary jazz groups should find much to enjoy here. 

Ian Mann - The Jazz Mann


(Mojo Risin') Have you ever bought an album and put it on in the car one day and then never taken it out of the CD player because you love listening to it so much? This is one of those albums.  I think of the album as like one of those tasting menus, comprising nine courses in total, where nothing’s over salty or rich, it’s all beautifully judged, the flavours are inspired and delectable, and when you’ve eaten it all, you want to go back to the beginning and start all over again. Tilson makes it all sound very easy, but like every album, Mojo Risin’ represents a tremendous feat of writing, playing, mixing, mastering and sound design. Be sure to give it a listen!

Sarah Chaplin - Jazzwise


I really enjoyed hearing Vicky Tilson's debut album, her compositions are warm and inviting and shes assembled a fine band of empathetic players. Her bass playing is also very controlled, lyrical, relaxed and supportive-- qualities that all bassists should aspire to. This is a great first effort, and I look forward to hearing where she takes her music in the future.

Michael Janisch – world renowned bassist, composer & educator


I love it. The first thing is it sounds like a group, everything hangs together really well. I like your tunes. Your sound and time playing is beautiful and involved in each piece throughout, lovely solo on A WALK IN THE RAIN ... you can put me down as a fan.

Dave Green - bassist


The CD 'Picture from Jitske' with its most engaging cover design is a fine testimony to the achievement of Vicky Tilson, Bassist, Composer and Leader. There is invention, melodic grace and overall musical cohesion and much else to be enjoyed. Get it now!

Michael Garrick - pianist, composer & bandleader






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