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Vicky Tilson

Hello and welcome to my website.  Here you will find out more about me and the musical activities I am involved in.  My main band is The Vicky Tilson Quartet, VTQ for short, which showcases the talents of some fine musicians and is a vehicle for me to try out my composing skills.  Our forthcoming album, Mojo Risin', was recorded last year in the now defunct Cable Street Studios, East London and was released by F-IRE in March 2015 and distributed by Proper Records.  This is my most personal album yet, dealing with the themes of the credit crunch, patience in life, determination, mortality and other subjects of the human condition.  The title of the album is inspired by Jim Morrison and comes from Mr Mojo Risin', a line in The Doors song LA Woman.  It represents how I see my life progressing to bigger, better things as I approach 40 and how, in the last couple of years, my own Mojo seems to have been on the rise as I learn to stop struggling with life and embrace the future.

My main influences as a bass player and composer include Charles Mingus, Dave Holland, Dave Green, Jasper Hoiby/Phronesis, Michael Garrick, Empirical and Joe Harriott.  But, I also take further inspiration from indies and rockers including JJ Burnel (The Stranglers), Bruce Foxton (The Jam), Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and Blur.  I also play with The Jeremy Lyons Quartet, fronted by an Irish saxophonist from Belfast, and we recently recorded our first album of Jeremy's compositions, entitled Vestige.

I am a supporter of various charities, particularly OCD-UK and Mind, having suffered with a severe form of OCD as a teenager.  I also support the housing charity, Shelter, as I believe that no-one should be made homeless, regardless of their circumstances.  We all need a comfortable, affordable roof over our heads if we are to cooperate as and contribute to a decent society.  You can find out more about these charities by following their links on my site.

I have a passion for Columbo and Peter Falk and try not to miss an episode when it's on TV. Guess I should invest in the box set after all!



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